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Informative medical article about Menkes
Menkes study from October 2001, involving patients at the National Institute of Health (NIH) clinic in Bethesda, MD
This is an assortment of Menkes related articles
Genetics Research In Zebrafish Has Potential To Reduce Birth Defects In Humans
Article about another genetic disease that is linked to the same chromosome as Menkes. Also provides information about a similar disease in mice
Definitions and Menkes terminology
Information about the specific gene that mutates in Menkes patients,
including other sources for Menkes related infomation
This is a chat group open to anyone interested in making friends, sharing information and supporting others affected by this disease
Visit "Friends of Alexander Deihl", a non-profit organization established to help children and their families who have been affected by a crippling disorder or are terminally ill
This is about Mosaicism, which is a condition that could cause genetic problems

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