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Our son John was born healthy on March 29th, 2008 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We only noticed something different about him after he started having convulsions and seizures when he was about 3 months of age.

At this point we brought him to the hospital to be examined by his neuropediatrician Sarah. She was concerned about his hair texture and decided to have it tested for Menkes disease, sadly that test came back positive.

Since his diagnosis John has received different types of treatments including anti-seizure medicine which has helped to reduce the convulsions. John is also taking vitamins that are rich in copper with hopes that they will also help reduce the effects of the disease. John is our little superhero and he continues to inspire us with his strength.

Please enjoy the pictures from his first birthday celebration.

Proud Parents,
Marcelo and Karina

Posted: May, 2009

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