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We were blessed with Xaden on July 23rd, 2004 in the town of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Xaden was full term, weighting 8 pounds.

His development was normal up untill 5 months. It started slow with things a first time mom may not realize wasn't right. Friends would tell me he was just behind, that he would grow into it. I knew better!

He went through a very irritable stage. Xaden stopped trying to sit, and would no longer grab the spoon when eating. He also had reflux. We saw a pediatrician when he was 6 months, but it wasn't until 2 months later I knew something was wrong, the doctor agreed.

We were sent to the Alberta Childrens Hospital in Calgary Alberta. This is where we met his metobolic Doctor. He knew what Xaden had when he saw his hair. We started copper injections the next week, with further test to follow.

Xaden has a feeding tube, and very poor muscle tone. He can't sit, or talk. Xaden is so happy, he
laughs, and smiles, and rolls on the floor. Xaden has just started play school, and loves it. He is the love of our lives!

Kerry and Elizabeth

Posted: October, 2007

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